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  • Turkey
Our school was built in 1966 by Kazım Taşkın, who was known by the nickname of Gazali Kazım, the benevolent citizen of Tarsus. The entire school spreads on a 4000 m2 area. The school location and field cost 285.000 Turkish Liras. On September 12, 1966, 5 classrooms were opened (1966-1967 academic year), with 10 branches, 10 teachers and 397 students.
Due to lack of good control of the school construction and lack of the material used, it had become impossible to remain here in a short time. A total of 2 years of teaching was possible. At the beginning of the 1968-1969 academic year, a triple instruction was made to Şehit İshak Primary School and the same school was held in the 1969-1970 academic year. On 11.02.1971, a new school building with 5 classrooms was built by the state in the old school’s garden. As a result of the drought, dam construction and earthquake in the east, the need for a school has been growing and the need for school has not been met. In a short period of time, the number of students increased and triple instruction was compulsory. In this period, the second five-class section of the school directorate was carried out by the state in 1974 and returned to dual education in the 1974-1975 school year. When the building was inadequate, the foundation of a second new building was laid in 1999 and the new building was put into service on 23 April 2000.
In the 2010-2011 academic year, the normal education was passed.
In the 2017-2018 academic year, 28 branches and 5 kindergartens are continuing their education with a special education class. We have 574 students. We serve with 1 manager, 2 assistant managers, 36 permanent teachers and 1 permanent staff.
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  • Poland
Primary school number 6 named Janusz Korczak is located in Kołobrzeg. It was founded in 1946. Our school is situated on the outskirts of the city in close proximity to sports facilities, a city park, and bicycle paths, in a quiet residential area. There are 854 students and 72 teachers at the school. For pupils and their parents, the school organizes psychological and pedagogical help to the best of their abilities, cooperates with psychological and pedagogical counseling and many institutions supporting the school. The school council, the parents' council and the student council act well in school.
Strengths of the school
1) Well-prepared, highly qualified teaching staff
2) A variety of extracurricular activities that develop students' interests and talents
3) At the school, there are classes for students requiring specialist support: corrective, compensatory, speech therapy and therapeutic classes.
4) The pedagogical council systematically analyzes the results of the classification, the competence test after the third grade, and the test after the sixth grade, formulates conclusions and implements them for further work.
5) Students are successful in artistic competitions and sports competitions as well as local theme competitions.
1. We strive to bring up students who are aware of being a vital part of human society.
2. We teach to love, respect and live the culture and tradition of the Polish nation, at the same time educating in respect of the cultures and values ​​of other nations.
3. We educate students to be conscious and responsible, to possess the knowledge and skills necessary for future functioning in the modern world, and to care for its natural environment.
4. We pay special attention to the physical, psychological and spiritual development of our students.
5. We promote a healthy lifestyle among students.
6. We care for the safety of students.
Vision of the school
Our school is a modern, friendly institution, preparing students to continue their education at the next stage of education. The educational and preventive program of the school is focused on the students, their needs, enabling them to develop in a comprehensive way. The students of our school will grow into people who have self-esteem and responsibility for their own behavior. We use the latest achievements in information and information technology, incorporating modern teaching and upbringing methods, so that students can develop their interests, skills, abilities and passions. In working with the students, the pedagogical staff undertakes creative activities that allow the school's mission to come to fruition. Our students will be aware of the unbreakable coexistence with the natural environment, aware of their own origin, proud of being Poles, European and members of their "small homeland". They will respect culture and tradition. We especially take care of their development.
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  • Romania
Founded in 1959, Secondary School “Petre Ghelmez” has flourished into one of the most prominent public school in Bucharest, the capital of Romania.
Our school building is centrally located, well-served by metro and bus stations. There is a substantial play area to the front of the school. The school has an extensive programme of after-school activities.
Secondary School “Petre Ghelmez” is a community of caring, compassionate and dedicated staff and students who have a common goal - to make the child’s future aspirations a reality.
Our students are warmly welcomed at our school and encouraged to flourish each day through an outstanding education and extra-curricular opportunities.
Our students, school staff, and alumni create information-based strategies that address society’s most pressing challenges. Their work is characterized by a human-centered, interdisciplinary approach that connects people with technology to achieve their personal and professional goals.
The school equips students with the necessary knowledge and skills to accomplish this across a broad range of occupations and contexts, including arts, education and international information exchange. We take pride in the contributions of our school, students, staff and alumni, who strive to provide the best educational experience possible, learn with enthusiasm and ambition and change the world through their innovative work.
We provide a superior learning environment by encouraging critical thinking, curiosity and diligence. We promote the personal growth of our students by encouraging creativity, leadership and individuality. We are socially responsible by valuing multiple perspectives, compassion, tolerance and respect. We incorporate environmental sustainability in our curriculum, school culture and stewardship of our land and resources.
The mission of our school is to ensure that every child has the opportunity to succeed and every voice is heard. We engage our students in a challenging and relevant curriculum of the highest standard that will reflect and enhance their diversity and promote their unique gifts and talents. We build character and responsibility through a commitment to community, social justice and tolerance towards others.
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  • Italy
The Institute “Socrate-Mallardo” is a comprehensive public school consisting of a kindergarten, primary and secondary sections. It is specialized in several training and educational areas. Its origins date back to September 1st, 2000, thanks to the joining of the secondary school “Socrate” to the kindergarten and the primary school “P. Borsellino” and “Mallardo”. It is located in the North suburban side of Naples.
P. Borsellino kindergarten and primary school
The kindergarten and the primary school “P. Borsellino” are located in Guglielmo Pepe Street. There are a few classrooms for the students. Outside there’s a garden which can be cultivated, as well as a playground, allowing pupils to play and enjoy themselves.
Mallardo kindergarten and primary school
The kindergarten and the primary school are located in a building on a floor at Mallardo Street. It has five sections and a playground for playing and mobile activities.
In these schools, the subjects taught are: English, Music, ICT , Orientation Courses, Ongoing.
In the primary schools many projects are being realized:
- Inclusion - promoting the incoming of special needs’ students
- Ongoing - bettering the passage of students from one order to another
- The Snappet - a project for tablet adoption in the first two grades of primary school
- Libriamoci - a project for promoting reading skills
- Orientation - promoting learning by doing activities for kids in a future enterprise - CLIL (Content Learning Integrated Language to allow pupils to express in English in several subjects)
- E-Twinning - a European platform for sharing projects
The Secondary School
It is located in Falcone Street. It is a three-floor building. Downstairs there are several labs: scientific, ITC, music etc. There are wide free places and gardens outside and a covered gym. It has got an Auditorium with more than 300 seats.
At school we promote music and sport skills, offering a fuller formation, aiming to acquire a logical, expressive and communicative knowledge. It has a music lab where students can play an instrument like cello, harp, saxophone and clarinet.
Besides sports, there are many sport activities 8 classes per week to give value to movement and sport as our own body expression.
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  • Macedonia
The municipal primary school (MPS) "Cyril and Methodius" was founded in 1985. It is located in the central part of the populated area of Stajkovci, in the municipality of Gazi Baba, 8 km away from Skopje, the capital of Macedonia. In the central school in Stajkovci, teaching is conducted in Macedonian, while in the satellite school in the village of Strachinci, classes are taught in Albanian.
The school constantly invests in teachers' professional development and puts a strong effort in achieving a high level of mutual cooperation among teachers in and out of school, improving thereby the team work, as well as working on excelling general ethical standards. The quality of the teaching process is measured by a system (or indicators) for estimating the quality of education in Macedonia. The quality of the teaching process is elevated in continuity by improving the working conditions, providing the necessary work resources, implementing innovative and modern teaching methods, forms and techniques according to students’ levels of development and their learning styles, creating a stimulating learning environment, and building an environment of respect and acknowledgement of student diversity.
The international cooperation is in the focus of the school management, aiming at highlighting the European context of the educational process in the school and creating strong bonds and networking with the schools across Europe. The objective of this strategic priority of the school is to improve the quality standards of the educational process by applying new pedagogical and innovative approaches in the process of teaching, learning and instruction.
Useful Links: (Macedonian National Agency for European Educational Programmes and Mobility) (Bureau for the Development of Education official website) (Ministry of Education and Science official website) (Municipality of Gazi Baba official website)