Outline of Planned Activities

Duties and responsibilities:
Host schools
P3 - Turkey - First meeting, duty distribution update, budget management, road map determination (TM)
C1 - Poland - Training, coaching, training activities and workshop (LTT)
C3 - Italy - Development of sporting events transfer of good practices to schools workshop (LTT)
P7 - Romania - Music, pictures, etc. development of activities transfer of good practices to schools (TM)
P10 - Macedonia - The approach to fragmented family children, the workshop and the construction of www.parco.org, and other (TM)
- defining admin input for schools
*The first activity is the information meeting.
-with teachers
* Signing revelant contracts with participants about responsibilities and duties.
*Preparatory studies
*Foreign departure permisisons and transactions
*Travel and insurance organization
*Participation in transnational meetings and workshops
*Preparing EUROPASS documents
*Edit project activities
*Participation in local and transnational project workshops
*Supporting the preparation of a good practice booklet
*Support for incoming schools, airport reception and local transfers and accommodation
*Effective use of eTwinning, all work and reports, sharing of survey results in the eTwinning project before and after the project
*Providing social networking sites such as local and internet media, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter to provide access to the results of the project and its activities
C1-After Training (Training coaching);
All schools;
+ Giving seminars to relevant teachers in schools
+Publishing activities and studies on the website www.parco.org, sharing work videos and events in eTwinning.
+ Meeting with parents and telling the importance of participation in activities
+ Conducting meetings and visits with stakeholders and providing information on activities
+ Determining the road map related to coaching training to be held for disadvantaged students
+ Updating the progressive tables of disadvantaged students every month
+ Starting theatre activities by giving tasks to disadvantaged students
+ Arranging career days in schools and determining their days
+ Inviting co-workers with disadvantaged background and successful and career people in collaboration with their stakeholders
+ Doing all activities in partner schools and sharing in eTwinning
SEPTEMBER-2019; Romania
A 2-day workshop with a fragmented family child (disadvantaged), hosted by the school in Bucharest, Romania; 2 participants from each school examining the solution-oriented studies of the host institution in terms of solving the problem, music, pictures and so on; development of good practices transfer to schools.
Host institution;
+ For the success of the workshop, a director will appoint a class teacher who is an expert in his field, an English teacher, guidance teacher, gathering 4 people
+ The applications will be made to be seen in the video and presentation and will be seen on the spot.
+ Will be able to explain the role of hobby rooms and studies in the success of education for students
+ On the second day, all these presentations and the results of these studies have been improved with the contributions of other partner schools.
+ Workshop results report will be prepared with the contributions of all participants
+ They will help the schools in relation to accommodation and urban transportation
+ eTwinning, the foundation of the project, will also be shared
The Return of the Romanian Workshop; (Each school)
+ PYE case assessment, distribution of tasks meeting of implementation and dissemination of achievements
+ Publication of news texts in local and social media groups
+ Gains and solution-oriented applications in eTwinning and www.parco.org
+ Meeting with school teachers, solution-oriented applications with visual and video presentation
+ Creating a hobby room in the school, providing the necessary music and painting materials (with the support of the stakeholders)
+ Organizing activities in hobby room with disadvantaged children
+ Organizing a Picture Contest
With similar activities, children's introversion, unhappiness, dislike of school, etc. It is important for a child to move away from negative situations and to reach their goal of increasing their success graphs.
For the progress of the project, the common schools should have a teleconference meeting for the contacts, the instant communication from the WhatsApp group.
Return of Italy Activities (Each school)
+ PTO status assessment, distribution of tasks and implementation and dissemination of gains (face, YouTube, shares)
+ Publication of news texts in local and social media groups
+ Achievements and solution-oriented applications in eTwinning and www.parco.org in English and local languages
+ Meeting with school teachers, visual and video presentation of solution-oriented applications
+ Establishment of the necessary equipment for sports activities in the school within the budget possibilities
+ Organizing sports events and tournaments with disadvantaged children
With these and other similar activities, children may experience introversion, unhappiness, dislike of school, etc. avoiding negative situations, approaching the goals of increasing the success graphs,
Public schools have teleconference meetings for contact persons, instant communication from the WhatsApp group.
MACEDONİA- 2-day workshop hosted by the school in Skopje
The methods of approaching the broken family children and the reports will be compared.
Each partner will provide 2 people from the school. Analysis of the solution-oriented studies of the host institution in terms of the solution of the problem, surveys of the reports of other schools, discussion of the achievements of the follow-up files. The school pedagogue, psychologist and special educator will also participate in the studies and support the preparation of the project results report.
Host institution;
+ Video, PowerPoint presentation and one-on-one applications
Applications will be seen.
+ Explaining the role of teachers and the pedagogue, psychologist and special educator on the approach to broken family children.
+ The workshop and project result report will be written with the support of the participants.
+ Accommodation and local transportation will also be supported.
+ All studies will be shared by eTwinning and www.parco.org.
3-4-5-6 months 2020 project dissemination activities (each school)
01/06/2020 Project conclusion meeting; the district hall will be used for the use of the vocational high school meeting room which is one of the largest meeting rooms of our district. District governor, provincial-district national education director, district mayor will be invited to participate.
Local media, NGOs will be invited to all stakeholders, local schools, teachers, etc. Inviting one person from each of the foreign partners to participate, (costs from the project budget), project mobility participants will organize the meeting. One teacher will be the announcer, two teachers will present the project, all processes and acquisitions will be described as good practices.
Good practices booklet will be distributed to the participants at the end of the meeting.
Turkey (December 2018)
Project initial meeting with overseas partners: 2 participants from each school (one manager and project contact person)
The reason why the meeting will be done in Turkey is that it is the founder and coordinator of the eTwinning project.
1-Project visibility, the prominence of active use of eTwinning, creating a channeled facebook account of project YouTube.
2-The organization of the activities, the task of the teachers distribution
3-Budget distribution and usage,
4-Recording what you are going to do for each school about PARÇO
5-Comparison of education curriculum of each country
6-Determination of surveys and work to be done and quality commitment
- signing
7-Reviewing the activities and workshops as content and update the distribution of tasks.
8-Dissemination activities,
The fact that the strategic partners are from different cultures will be proof that the participants are supported.
Poland (March 2019)
C1: (LTT)
Name of activity:Training Coaching for Disadvantaged Students, Learning Activities
Content of the activity;
2nd DAY:Handling students during the coaching process, NLP practices for the students (self-confidence, successful and happy life)
3rd DAY: Approach Model Based on Student Representation Systems, Emotional Management, Working with Negative Emotions Process
4th DAY: Learning Styles, Motivation Strategies, Learning Levels, Levels of Change, Learning to Learn
5th DAY: Efficient Course Working Method, Student Oriented Tests, Family Coaching Process
6th DAY: Workshop studies, sharing of different applications and strategies
Method; All strategic partners will participate in the training and workshop work that will be hosted by our strategic partner in Poland. There will be a total of 20 teachers with the participation of 4 teachers from each school.
Romania (September 2019)
Family shattered when hosted by the school in Romania-Bucharest
2-day workshop for children (disadvantaged); 2 participants from each school Examination of solutions focused on solution of the problem of the host institution, music, picture etc. development of activities transfer of good practices to schools.
Host institution;
+ For the success of the event and the workshop, will assign 4 people: an administrator, an English teacher, guidance, an expert class teacher
+ Make the applications visible in video, presentation and in one place
+ Hobby rooms for students and their role in the success of their education
+ The second day at the end of all these presentations and reviews at other partner schools
Italy (November 2019)
Activity name: Sports Activities as Social Inclusion Tool
Content of the activity;
1 sd DAY:Travel, accommodation
2 nd DAY:Developing planned educational activities according to students’ contribution to the sport,
3 rd DAY: Developing strategies that are sensitive to the individual needs of the students, providing fun sports activities
4 th DAY:Develop role-playing games to understand the rules of school and society
5 th DAY:Returning home
All strategic partners will participate in the training and workshop study, which will take place in English in the context of sporting events experiences and strategies in conjunction with expert teachers. There will be a total of 15 teachers from each school with the participation of 3 teachers to be selected according to the criteria.
Macedonia (March 2020)
MACEDONIA-Skopje hosted the school in a 2-day workshop
Methods of approach to broken family children, reports will be compared.
Two people from each partner school will attend. An examination of the focus of the solution of the host institution and solution to the problem. Reports from other schools will be discussed in the surveys, follow-up files obtained. The school pedagogue, psychologist and special educator will also participate in the workshops and support the preparation of the final project report.