Primary school number 6 named Janusz Korczak is located in Kołobrzeg. It was founded in 1946. Our school is situated on the outskirts of the city in close proximity to sports facilities, a city park, and bicycle paths, in a quiet residential area. There are 854 students and 72 teachers at the school. For pupils and their parents, the school organizes psychological and pedagogical help to the best of their abilities, cooperates with psychological and pedagogical counseling and many institutions supporting the school. The school council, the parents' council and the student council act well in school.
Strengths of the school
1) Well-prepared, highly qualified teaching staff
2) A variety of extracurricular activities that develop students' interests and talents
3) At the school, there are classes for students requiring specialist support: corrective, compensatory, speech therapy and therapeutic classes.
4) The pedagogical council systematically analyzes the results of the classification, the competence test after the third grade, and the test after the sixth grade, formulates conclusions and implements them for further work.
5) Students are successful in artistic competitions and sports competitions as well as local theme competitions.
1. We strive to bring up students who are aware of being a vital part of human society.
2. We teach to love, respect and live the culture and tradition of the Polish nation, at the same time educating in respect of the cultures and values ​​of other nations.
3. We educate students to be conscious and responsible, to possess the knowledge and skills necessary for future functioning in the modern world, and to care for its natural environment.
4. We pay special attention to the physical, psychological and spiritual development of our students.
5. We promote a healthy lifestyle among students.
6. We care for the safety of students.
Vision of the school
Our school is a modern, friendly institution, preparing students to continue their education at the next stage of education. The educational and preventive program of the school is focused on the students, their needs, enabling them to develop in a comprehensive way. The students of our school will grow into people who have self-esteem and responsibility for their own behavior. We use the latest achievements in information and information technology, incorporating modern teaching and upbringing methods, so that students can develop their interests, skills, abilities and passions. In working with the students, the pedagogical staff undertakes creative activities that allow the school's mission to come to fruition. Our students will be aware of the unbreakable coexistence with the natural environment, aware of their own origin, proud of being Poles, European and members of their "small homeland". They will respect culture and tradition. We especially take care of their development.
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