Founded in 1959, Secondary School “Petre Ghelmez” has flourished into one of the most prominent public school in Bucharest, the capital of Romania.
Our school building is centrally located, well-served by metro and bus stations. There is a substantial play area to the front of the school. The school has an extensive programme of after-school activities.
Secondary School “Petre Ghelmez” is a community of caring, compassionate and dedicated staff and students who have a common goal - to make the child’s future aspirations a reality.
Our students are warmly welcomed at our school and encouraged to flourish each day through an outstanding education and extra-curricular opportunities.
Our students, school staff, and alumni create information-based strategies that address society’s most pressing challenges. Their work is characterized by a human-centered, interdisciplinary approach that connects people with technology to achieve their personal and professional goals.
The school equips students with the necessary knowledge and skills to accomplish this across a broad range of occupations and contexts, including arts, education and international information exchange. We take pride in the contributions of our school, students, staff and alumni, who strive to provide the best educational experience possible, learn with enthusiasm and ambition and change the world through their innovative work.
We provide a superior learning environment by encouraging critical thinking, curiosity and diligence. We promote the personal growth of our students by encouraging creativity, leadership and individuality. We are socially responsible by valuing multiple perspectives, compassion, tolerance and respect. We incorporate environmental sustainability in our curriculum, school culture and stewardship of our land and resources.
The mission of our school is to ensure that every child has the opportunity to succeed and every voice is heard. We engage our students in a challenging and relevant curriculum of the highest standard that will reflect and enhance their diversity and promote their unique gifts and talents. We build character and responsibility through a commitment to community, social justice and tolerance towards others.
Useful Links: (Ministry of Education) (School Inspectorate of Bucharest)