The Institute “Socrate-Mallardo” is a comprehensive public school consisting of a kindergarten, primary and secondary sections. It is specialized in several training and educational areas. Its origins date back to September 1st, 2000, thanks to the joining of the secondary school “Socrate” to the kindergarten and the primary school “P. Borsellino” and “Mallardo”. It is located in the North suburban side of Naples.
P. Borsellino kindergarten and primary school
The kindergarten and the primary school “P. Borsellino” are located in Guglielmo Pepe Street. There are a few classrooms for the students. Outside there’s a garden which can be cultivated, as well as a playground, allowing pupils to play and enjoy themselves.
Mallardo kindergarten and primary school
The kindergarten and the primary school are located in a building on a floor at Mallardo Street. It has five sections and a playground for playing and mobile activities.
In these schools, the subjects taught are: English, Music, ICT , Orientation Courses, Ongoing.
In the primary schools many projects are being realized:
- Inclusion - promoting the incoming of special needs’ students
- Ongoing - bettering the passage of students from one order to another
- The Snappet - a project for tablet adoption in the first two grades of primary school
- Libriamoci - a project for promoting reading skills
- Orientation - promoting learning by doing activities for kids in a future enterprise - CLIL (Content Learning Integrated Language to allow pupils to express in English in several subjects)
- E-Twinning - a European platform for sharing projects
The Secondary School
It is located in Falcone Street. It is a three-floor building. Downstairs there are several labs: scientific, ITC, music etc. There are wide free places and gardens outside and a covered gym. It has got an Auditorium with more than 300 seats.
At school we promote music and sport skills, offering a fuller formation, aiming to acquire a logical, expressive and communicative knowledge. It has a music lab where students can play an instrument like cello, harp, saxophone and clarinet.
Besides sports, there are many sport activities 8 classes per week to give value to movement and sport as our own body expression.
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