Visit to Tarsus, Turkey

The coordinator school and the partner schools started with the implementation of the KA229 "Broken Family Children" project within the Erasmus+ programme.
The goal of the project is, through trainings and workshops, for teachers to gain new knowledge and skills in order to improve and strengthen the emotional and social development of children.
In the period from 02-05.12.2018, the first transnational coordinative meeting was held in Tarsus, Turkey, which is also the coordinator of the project.
The meeting was attended by members from partner schools from Romania, Poland, Italy and Macedonia.
The Romanian school was represented by the school headmaster, Mariana Dinu, and the project coordinator, Oprea Tania.
The Polish school was represented by the headmaster, Andrzej Haraj, and the project coordinator, Anna Marek.
The Italian school was represented by the project coordinator, Nicola Maturo, and Danilo Baselice.
The Macedonian school was represented by the school principal, Violeta Popovska, and the project coordinator, Biljana Arsova.
The meeting focused on discussing the project management, its implementation and dissemination.